The Importance Of Nutrition Education

It is indeed a surprising fact that food is the one thing that we need to survive and yet, it is the one thing that we are given the east education or information about. In schools we are given education about kings of the past and the political systems of the by gone era and yet, very little time is dedicated to teaching children about food and the different vitamins and minerals present in different kinds of food. Even more surprising is the fact that not even the doctors that we go to for medication know anything about the nutrition in food and therefore, even though this is information that every single person should have, it is only a very few people in the world that know about the correct ways of eating and what we should eat. Go here  for more information about milk products.

Bad diets and illness

While the world is eating unhealthy junk food such as the poison and chemical laced food available at fast food chains like Kentucky Fried Chicken and McDonald’s, it is also becoming obsessed with the obesity caused by these diets and big industries such as a the dairy industry, which in itself is selling food that is extremely bad for the body, as trying to promote things like low fat milk which is just as bad for the body as anything else. There are many dangers to eating dairy based food and drinking milk but most of the world do not know these facts because the dairy giants are investing millions in hiding the facts from the general public because of the money that they have to lose from it.Thousands of people around the world suffer from various conditions without having an answer as to why they are suffering when in reality, most of these conditions are caused by dairy intolerance. Dietitians may sometimes tell you to give up dairy but many of them will also not have the information and therefore, it is vital that each of us does our own research on the subject in order to find out what is good for our bodies and what is not.If you were to look around you, you will notice that there is a lot of illness and disease in the world and that the numbers of cancer patients are increasing rapidly. There is no doubt that you know of at least one or two people that are suffering from cancer, diabetes or cholesterol because of the bad eating habits that have taken over the world every day.