How To Make Your Party Unpredictable And Fun?

Are you the party planner or organizer of get-togethers for your friends or family? Are you getting bored with the duty, even though you have pretty much got it down to a science? Do you feel like your parties are missing that unexpected twist and becoming very predictable? If you answered yes, then the below is exclusively for you….

 Add In Unexpected Entertainment

When it comes to a gathering of close friends, just the presence of each other (and the inevitable catching up and gossiping that is sure to happen) is entertainment enough. However, if you’re looking to entertain a less informal group of people, that too of a specific age group, then you need to organize for some outside entertainment. Think beyond the ordinary. From hiring a fortune teller for your guests, to arranging a shisha/hookah corner, your options are many; just make sure it fits your guests. You can even have a variety, like a combination of top hookah bar Hong Kong for those more familiar with it, and something more mild and less toxic for those only looking to try out shisha.

 Have Fun with the Food Choices

Whether you plan on organizing a dinner party or not, the star of your party is indeed the food you serve. Trust us, no matter how popular, your guests won’t be satisfied with the Al fakher hookah flavors alone. Have a variety of food options. Remember, you don’t have to fill your guests with food¾just keep them from starving. So even if all you are planning on serving is finger foods, if you do it the right way, this alone can make your party unpredictable and fun. Also, if it’s a dinner party and you’re planning on using a catering service, then make sure to mix up your menu!

 Think Out Of the Box for Decorations 

Your decorations also set the tone for your party. For example, if you decorate your home with elegant and delicate decorations, it’s going to make your party pretty for sure. However, this will make your guests feel like it’s a formal situation. Relax with your party deco; have fun! Make your decorations “interactive”¾like props that are perfect for that Instagram picture.

 Mix Up Your Guest List

One other thing that can be very predictable about parties is the guest list. People tend to categorize their friends and family and invite accordingly. As a result, every party, it’s the same crowd of people. And while it may work for some groups, others will get a little bored with the same old faces time and time again. So mix up that guest list and add in a few unexpected faces; give your friends a chance to get to know someone new!