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Four Ideas To Improve Your Backyard Farm

Growing fruits, vegetables, or herbs from scratch is a wonderful experience – where you can become more self-sustainable which is great for the environment too. However, you might run into a few setbacks when you are starting out, but that’s no reason to give up. Do look up farming blogs and read gardening or farming books as well to learn about different methods, crops and more. You can even talk to other gardening or backyard farming enthusiasts on how they got started and what they did to improve their farm – as well as when to expand.

Have A Herb Garden

A herb garden can be an ideal addition to your backyard farm. Herbs such as rosemary, basil, sage or thyme are extremely useful for flavouring your food, and you can even create your own homemade remedies for certain ailments too. Including plants such as lavender and chamomile can be ideal for home remedies, potpourris and more. Having fresh herbs whenever you need them are excellent additions to any farm and you need not visit a store or outdoor market to get some.

Focus On Produce You Really Need

It can be tempting to plant a number of vegetables or fruit trees or bushes, however, planting the things that are needed will give you more space, and there will be better quality over quantity. If you want to have eggs you will need poultry feeders by Farmer Little or a chicken coop for the chickens – free range chickens do produce better quality eggs too.

Include Small Animals In Your Farm

Once you feel ready to expand your farm, you can consider including animals such as chickens, quails, goats or rabbits. But do make sure that you buy the right equipment when looking at rabbit feeders for sale animals or consider bucket feeders for other birds that you hope to keep. Additionally, keeping birds such as chickens are a great idea since they produce not only eggs, but quite a lot of manure that is high in nitrogen – and the eggshells can be part of your compost too.

Composting Is Very Useful

Composting is one of the best things that can be done to help the planet, and you will also have some great fertilizer for your crops. So consider having a compost bin that you can add food scraps, peels or eggshells to create your own compost. Most backyard farmers have seen how compost can be useful to their farm. Worm composting has become rather popular as well, and worms are excellent when it comes to loosening the soil.